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Our Mission

We seek to support our clients with the best value to protect and secure their IP with a robust commercial strategy covering multiple territories.

We are an IP Support Specialist practice providing best value services for formalities support, renewals, valida­tions and recordals as well as Patent, Trade Mark & Registered Design services.

Given the broader nature of the regulated servic­es we provide, when an attorney is needed we have attorneys on the team who cover a broader range of patent drafting and prosecution services with experience in Emerging Technologies; Energy/Renewables; Manufacturing; Transporta­tion, as well as contentious Trade Mark and Design work.

Fixed Rate IP services

Someone skilled in the art….prior art….novel…non-obvious these are terms used in the patent world all the time and firms take them for granted but what does the real world make of these words….it shouldn’t be a mystery or something that you need to pay to have explained or worst yet told you do not need to know as that is what ‘we’ are for!

At Pure Ideas we have a different approach. We not only think you should understand these terms but we take the time to explain it all to you. We understand that intellectual property may not be high on the priority list or that it may be viewed as a necessary evil. We will take a practical approach and advise what is required to best protect your business.

Our Services

At Pure Ideas we strive to be your business partner rather than an external legal advisor. Intellectual property is a critical business tool that is rarely exploited as well as it should be; the commercial benefits are almost limitless. That’s where we come in.

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