Trade Mark Protection

The Garrick

The Garrick Inn Stratford-upon-Avon

Pure Ideas are typically engaged in a full mix of European Trade Mark Services, and wider brand protection services. All are designed to ensure that your rights are robustly protected throughout their life.

Whether you are simply looking to complete a straightforward UK filing; or you are faced with a challenge to your filing or an infringement of your mark in a far off land, our professionals have the skills and experience required to advise and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Somewhat uniquely, we also provide a ‘free’ brand development consultation, whereby we look at your logo and branding from a creative standpoint and often have our design team revert back to you with some suggested re-designs.


Registered  Designs

The Lamplighter Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon

Pure Ideas help clients to protect the aesthetic features of their products, including aspects of shape and packaging, and of patterns and colours. Securing a Design Registration can make dealing with copyists and pirated goods easier and swifter

You may have applied for a patent already, in which case a registered design can add a secondary tier of protection to protect your product even further. Registered designs are typically processed far quicker than a patent so they provide more immediate short term protection. Quite often a registered design is a more relevant form of protection than a patent, and can better protect the product, but you should always seek advice from an experienced IP attorney in this regard.


European Validations

The Old Tramway Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon

Upon the grant of a European Patent every client is faced with the same decision – how many countries to cover. As soon as the European Examiner’s objections are resolved, the European Patent Office issues a Notice of Intention to Grant, known as a 71(3) notification. This gives your European Patent attorney four months in which to lodge a translation of your claims into English, French and German, and to pay the grant and printing fees to the EPO.

Once the formal Decision to Grant your European patent is published in the European Patent Bulletin you then have three months from the publication date to validate your patent in whichever individual European countries that you require protection.

It is very important to note that your granted European patent will only extend to the countries where you validate the patent, meaning that the rights will lapse in any countries in which you have not validated. Once your patent is validated, you are not required to go through any further prosecution in the individual European countries and your patent will remain active just as long as you continue to pay the annual renewal fees.


International Renewals

The Pen & Parchment, Stratford-upon-Avon

The Renewals process and requirement can viewed as a mechanical, low drama aspect of post-grant administration. However, Renewals is a continuity issue and a major potential business risk when not managed professionally.

European patent renewal fees fall due annually and trademark renewals due every ten years. Patent renewals begin in respect of the third year, so payable from the second anniversary of the the filing date of the application. Payment of a patent renewal fee is extremely important in order to ensure that the application, which may take a number of years and, thereafter, the granted patent do not lapse.

Meanwhile, a European Union trade mark is valid for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely, for a further 10 years at a time. You can choose not to renew an EU trademark at any renewal point and, in some instances, brand owners decide to maintain rights only in certain Member States, to do this you file an application for conversion.

Registered Community designs are valid for five years and can be renewed for a maximum of 25 years, with each renewal lasting for five years at a time.


Fixed Pricing!

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We know that many small business owners, and a number of large corporates engage the services of legal professionals with a degree of trepidation – knowing that they may be creating an ‘open ended’ billing scenario fuelled by recorded professional time. All too often businesses receive a bill having picked up the phone to discus or query a simple matter, or their anticipated invoice contains a service charge or range of charges that they were not expecting.

Pure Ideas have removed all hourly-rate charges in favour of fixed price work models, and this reduces our client’s risk and reduces our administrative costs. We utilise a clear fixed-price system that is easily to understand and is both clear in defining the scope of work we are quoting for as well being ‘firm’ – the price quoted is the price you pay. No extras are added, unless the original brief is changed after the quote is accepted.

Our clients are extremely demanding, which is why we are both competitive and heavily focussed on service. Again and again our clients tell us that one of the most valuable aspects of working with Pure Ideas is the forward visibility and certainty of cost that they enjoy when working with us.

Free Creative!

The Dirty Duck, Stratford-upon-Avon

We believe we are one of a very small number of regulated UK and European Trade Mark firms to provide the option of free brand development help (artwork creation) as part of our fixed-fee filing services.

Our in-house, experienced creatives will help you to ensure that you are filing the strongest possible IP to support your commercial goals. It may be that you have nailed it from every angle and we stand and admire, or that we recommend a modest change of colour palette in order to avoid a commercial or legal conflict. However, we have been known to engage in a complete re-design or design to a client brief from a blank canvas on behalf of our clients.

We do all of the above without any charge and without any obligation to spend, but we do limit the the time we allocate and are resources are allocated on a ‘first come’ basis. If we can help make your brand and the protection of your brand more robust, we consider it part of our service.

For more information call us now for an initial discussion on how we might help you to get your brand ready to go.

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About Pure Ideas

Pure Ideas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a larger firm of European Patent Attorneys, Avidity IP Ltd, established in 1989. The Pure Ideas are specialists in their field, be it UK and international trade mark prosecution and litigation, or the formalities disciplines covering EP patent validations and renewals.

We do our utmost to provide all of our clients with a friendly and reliable service, whether we are delivering an international trade mark search or validating a European National Stage patent. The team are used to working with SME businesses in the UK ands with multi-national corporations based in the United States and beyond.

Our approach to business is very much the same regardless of the client, as we start from the premise that your IP is likely to be your most valuable asset and we treat it accordingly,  with the care and attention it deserves. We don’t simply wait for our clients’ instructions, we do whatever we can to understand your business and the role that IP plays within it. The experience we have gained in representing the widest variety of IP around the world is something we feel duty bound to share with our clients, present and future.

Pure Ideas is an accredited member of IP Reg and fully adheres to the regulations and code of conduct thereof.

About Our Pubs

Everyone at Pure Ideas loves brands and all of the values that great brand identities want to convey, and here in Stratford-upon-Avon we are surrounded by wonderful examples of some of the oldest and most loved brands in the world.

The great British Pub, or Ale House, and its uniquely traditional pub sign, provides us with living examples of some of the earliest and most enduring consumer-facing brands. Construction of The Garrick Inn here in the heart of Stratford was thought to have started in 1564, the year of William Shakespeare’s birth, and they continue to enjoy a brisk trade with locals and visitors some 450 years later.

As you pass by one of these hostelries with its sign swaying in the breeze you are immediately brought to images of warmth, a kindly welcome and roaring open fires, and pictures of hospitality and friendly conversation are hard to dismiss. These are values that are known and often imitated the world over.

As well as great brands, at Pure Ideas we also love great pubs! So, we make no apology for sharing with you some examples of the great pub brands dotted around our historic old town. Cheers!


Nick Underwood
Managing Director