European Patent Validations

Upon the grant of a European Patent every client is faced with the same question – just how many countries do you want to cover?

For some, the question of which countries to validate is simple and a similar strategy is followed time and time again, whilst for others specialist guidance and information is needed.

Our patent validations team are here for everyone, whether you simply need to discuss an order or want to talk through your options. Pure Ideas professionals provide detailed advice on the costs in each country and develop clear strategies for reducing expenditure where, for example,validations in multiple countries can take advantage of shared translations or cross-border local associates.

Whether it be ‘France, Germany and the UK’ or ‘all 38 contracting states’ the Pure Ideas team are dedicated to providing the very best service.

The deadline for validation varies from country to country, but in most instances there is a 3-month window from the date of European Grant. During this period the country’s national phase validation requirements must be completed. In some instances, and with an additional fee and under specific conditions, it is possible to agree an extension to this deadline.

Power Of Attorney from the applicant is required for most countries in respect of the necessary formalities for the given patent in the given country, and in some cases the signed Power Of Attorney document has to accompany the validation filing. In other countries this is not necessary or it can be filed at a later date, or even retained on file for future reference.

A large component of validation costs relates to translations, and there is good reason for this. In some infringement or litigation cases the originally drafted text may be reverted, but in others this may not the case and an inaccurate translation is therefore critical. As such, the need for translations to be made by professionals competent in the subject matter of the patent and fluent in the native language of the destination is extremely important.

Pure Ideas have relationships with highly experienced and professional associate firms throughout Europe and beyond, who we will instruct accordingly on behalf of our clients.

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