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Countering the counterfeits – a new option for trade mark owners


As many will be aware, take down notices (in which a rights holder can alert an on-line host that a website hosted by them is carrying unauthorised content) are available. In many countries, in order not to become liable themselves, the host needs to have a take down procedure in place so that once notified of the existence of infringing content on the offending website, the offending website is taken down until such time as the offending content is removed. Such processes typically benefit copyright owners rather than trade mark owners. Also, it can be difficult in certain cases to locate [...]

Countering the counterfeits – a new option for trade mark owners2018-02-16T11:34:31+01:00

Red Letter Day for Registered Designs


From 1st October 2016, a new fee structure comes into force benefitting those seeking to obtain Registered Design protection in the UK, and a revised renewal fee structure will make it more affordable for designers to maintain their registration for the full 25 year term. It is already possible to protect multiple designs in a single application, but the new fee structure benefits those filing to protect multiple designs. A fixed fee applies to applications including up to 10 designs with, a further reduced fee covering every additional set of 10 designs included in the same application.A unique feature of UK [...]

Red Letter Day for Registered Designs2018-02-16T11:34:31+01:00

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