From 1st October 2016, a new fee structure comes into force benefitting those seeking to obtain Registered Design protection in the UK, and a revised renewal fee structure will make it more affordable for designers to maintain their registration for the full 25 year term.

It is already possible to protect multiple designs in a single application, but the new fee structure benefits those filing to protect multiple designs. A fixed fee applies to applications including up to 10 designs with, a further reduced fee covering every additional set of 10 designs included in the same application.A unique feature of UK practice is that the designs do not need to relate to the same product. So, if desired, a single application can cover designs related to many different products.

Further recent advice from the Courts indicates that for best protection designers should file to protect notable individual parts of their design, rather than seek to protect all of the features in a single design. Since it is not always clear on filing which individual aspects of a design, or combination of features, will provide the necessary validity for the design registration to be successfully enforced, the lower cost to protect different options will make it more likely that a designer will succeed when taking action concerning a competing product that replicates only certain features.

Such simultaneous multiple design applications are key to obtaining the widest possible protection.The reduced official fees, together with Pure Ideas fixed cost approach, will result in improved value for your Designs budget.