The Meaning of Brexit


10 KEY POINTS ON BREXIT IN THE WORLD OF IP The UK will remain part of the EU until the exit negotiations have been completed. Negotiations can only begin once notice is given to the EU. This is known as “triggering Article 50”. The UK government planned to do this by the end of March 2017, but a recent court decision has ruled that this can only be done by way of a vote in parliament. Assuming the government wins the vote and Article 50 is invoked, then negotiations will last at least two years. The UK will no longer be able [...]

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Countering the counterfeits – a new option for trade mark owners


As many will be aware, take down notices (in which a rights holder can alert an on-line host that a website hosted by them is carrying unauthorised content) are available. In many countries, in order not to become liable themselves, the host needs to have a take down procedure in place so that once notified of the existence of infringing content on the offending website, the offending website is taken down until such time as the offending content is removed. Such processes typically benefit copyright owners rather than trade mark owners. Also, it can be difficult in certain cases to locate [...]

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