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Understanding the Emerging Market

Resources Topics Understanding the Emerging Market Why IP is important in emerging markets? What is a patent? Allows registration with Custom Authorities Fast track regulatory process Most emerging markets have a first-to-file system for Trademarks Brazil, Chile, China, Czech


Patent Basics

Resources Topics Patent Basics What is a patent? A granted monopoly which covers ideas and inventions. They are concerned with • How things work • How they are made • What they are made of Patents must be (criteria) •


UK Patent Basics

Resources Hot Topics UK Patent Basics Below we discuss the process and outline a general timeline for a UK patent application. For most of those inventing in the UK, a UK first filing is often the place to start. It

Info Flyers

UK IPO UK Right Start
Trademark Service

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UK IPO IP Audit Funding
IP Audits Plus Scheme

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Trademark and Design rights

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Green Channel Patent Applications

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BREXIT and Patents

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What is the IP Audits Plus Scheme

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UK Trademark Filing to Registration Timeline

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UK Patent Basics

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European Patent Basics

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Life of an Innovation

  • How do you capture an idea
  • What next
  • Patenting Process
  • Timelines
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Trade Secret

  • What is a Trade Secret
  • How is it protected
  • Examples
  • Trade Secret vs Patents
  • Why are they important
  • EU Directive
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Cost of Intellectual Property

Cost of Intellectual Property They say you get what you pay for and this is certainly the case with Intellectual Property. There is the

Lockdown and Innovation

Lockdown and Innovation Edison is reputed to have once said invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He was referring to the work to

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