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We conduct a thorough review of all your assets and help categorise them according to the ‘value’ added to your business; from both a financial and commercial perspective.

We will develop a strategy to determine the most effective way to manage your portfolio going forward, ensuring you extract the best value from your assets. This could be licensing, selling or even allowing assets to lapse if there is no commercial value or risk in doing so.

At Pure Ideas we know that business strategies are always evolving and changing, and we believe that your approach to IP needs to be just as fluid, so it can adapt to the changing needs of the business. We review your portfolio every 6 months to assess is effectiveness and contribution to your business strategy.


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Green innovations, automotive, FMCG these are just a few areas that we can assist. We offer fixed price patent drafting and filing for certainty of budget for when commercialisation is unclear or still being explored. Pure Ideas understand that you need protection but you may not have the funding or buy in from management to have an IP budget.

Everyone is aware of trademarks – even if they do not realise it. Our everyday is surrounded by them – after all a trademark is a sign which distinguishes a company/person’s goods or services from that of another.  But unless you have seen the power of a registration or been on the receiving end of a cease and desist letter you may not have given registration a second thought.

It’s all about the aesthetics. Designs protects the ornamentation of a product.  It is not about technical function therefore when a patent is not an option or as a supplement to the technical invention, designs are a fast and effective way to get protection for your product.

Kevin Parnham
Kevin ParnhamPatent Attorney
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Caroline Reader
Caroline ReaderBureau Supervisor
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EP validations is a necessary procedural step in ensuring that your granted EP patent is ‘valid’ in the designated countries and extensions/validations states (if they were paid for during prosecution).  We take the burden of ensuring that deadlines are met as well as the formalities for each country. We also are able to validate directly in eight countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco and United Kingdom) without having to use local associates which helps keep the fees down.

Our renewals service is designed to make the process as straightforward and client friendly as possible.  We are aware your time is precious so we don’t bombard you with reminders but rather we send reminders at regular intervals to ensure the impending deadline is met.  Once the instructions are given we undertake to keep your involvement to a minimum and, unless signed documents or upfront payment is needed, the next time you hear from us will be confirmation that the renewal has been completed.

It is important to ensure that your IP reflects the correct ownership and address details.  We provide a full recordal service to ensure that your IP reflects the latest details.  We can draft assignments and advise the requirements for filing in jurisdictions across the globe or simply help you file the assignment documents you already have.   We will file change of address or change of name recordals as well.  If you simply need advice on what to do if there has been a change in ownership we are happy to help.

Business Tools

“Our selection of business tools are specially designed
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Pure Ideas understands that costs are a concern, clarity of which enables effective maintenance of your portfolio and helps to establish your annual budget. The majority of our work is completed at fixed costs, which we make readily available and even go a far as producing a Fixed Costs Calendar.

Not only will we help you to review and maintain your portfolio, we can access the commercial value of your IP. Not all assets are worth continual investment, we will explore bench-marking, acquisition or divestment wherever required.

We’re keen to gift you with the expertise to tackle your IP head on. Of course, we will always be here to provide professional advice and assistance for when you do need or want our help.

Alistair Wilson
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