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Our Edge

Pure Ideas is an Intellectual Property company, dedicated to reinventing the way that people protect ideas and innovations. We strive to be your business partner rather than an external legal adviser.

Learn more about our team, our experience and how we can help you to get the most out of your Intellectual Property. Our aim is to maximise the commercial value of your Intellectual Property portfolio by providing expert advice in a simple and accessible way.

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IP Services

Intellectual Property is a critical business tool that is rarely exploited as well as it should be, so at Pure Ideas in addition to the ‘traditional’ services, we offer commercial and business driven services. The commercial benefits of Intellectual Property can be extensive, and the services that we offer aim to maximise these opportunities.

IP Protection

  • Patent
  • Trade Mark
  • Design Protection


  • Validations

  • Renewals

  • Recordals

IP Commercialisation

Where the services of most Intellectual Property firms end, we offer a suite of commercial and strategic advisory services designed to help creators extract maximum value from their innovations.

Ownership Management

  • Licensing

  • Inventor Management

  • Watches

Commercial Optimisation

  • Ideation

  • IP Valuation

  • Route Mapping

Our Expertise

We operate in a variety of growing industries, from Engineering to Artificial Intelligence. Whatever your needs may be, we can help protect your ideas and extract the most value from your intellectual property.

Engineering Intellectual Property
Emerging Technology Intellectual Property


Green Technology Intellectual Property


Mechanical Devices Intellectual Property


Computer Software AI Intellectual Property



Pure Ideas is committed to helping clients maximise the commercial value of their IP Portfolio, by providing expert advice in a simple and accessible way. You will find a variety of Intellectual Property advice and information, from PDFs to Webinars.

  • Hot Topics

  • Documents

  • Timelines

  • Webinars

  • FAQ’s



“We have now worked with several members of the Pure Ideas team following our Company being granted a European Patent. The whole experience to date has been a very enjoyable …”
Gary Blundell, CEO torc2 Ltd
“As a start up company we have found the knowledge and expertise that the team at Pure Ideas have brought to the table invaluable. They have really understood our business …”
Matt Everett , CEO Clubview Ltd

“When I inherited responsibility for our company’s trade marks several years ago, I knew very little about how domestic and international marks were handled …”

Colleen Clifford, Aquatrols
“I would just like to send my appreciation for all the assistance I have received from Kevin Parnham regarding my Patent application which has just been “Granted”…”
Dawn Taaffe
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  • PCT Application

What is a PCT Application?

What is a PCT Application? A Patent is a national monopoly right and it’s necessary to obtain patent protection in every country of interest.

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