The Beautiful Game is back!

It is a well-used phrase coined many years ago for far more highbrow matters, but football is clearly a candidate as an opiate of the people. Whether your passion is for spherical balls or odd-shaped balls, the passion, tribal nature, and controversy of sport has been particularly missed as the World has shut down.
It is great to watch the game, every Pele or Beckham started in a back garden. However, with restricted space for spectating either the glaziers of the World will be busier, or an alternative is needed.

They say adversity is the mother of invention and several attempts at retaining the feel of the game without the dangers of glass and young players. Personally, I remember heading a wet, muddy leather ball and the near concussion after, but the ‘sharpened’ end of an odd-shaped ball has their own dangers when thrown at you I suppose! A well-known attempt at softening the blow is given by US4241918 (Massino) for lighter and softer recreational balls, which shows inventions do not need to be earth-shatteringly new just practical in addressing a problem.