Usain Bolt files Trade Mark for Victory Pose

Eight-time champion Usain Bolt has filed a Trade Mark in the US, for his famous lightning bolt victory pose.

Usain Bolt Gesture Mark

The Filing

Bolt debuted his victory stance at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. His record-breaking run placed him as the fastest man in the world. He retired from athletics in 2017, Bolt has moved to Trade Mark his signature move for use on merchandise such as sunglasses, jewellery, bags, and sporting goods. As well as for restaurants and sports bars.

Requirements for Trade Marks

  • The Mark must be “graphically representable” i.e. featured on the Trade Marks register.
  • It must be utilised for product(s) or service(s) stated in the application.
  • It must be recognisable to the brand associated with the Mark.
  • It must be different from its competitors to avoid confusion with other brands.

Protecting your IP

Usain Bolt has retired from his career as a sportsman. This new Trade Mark filing sets him in good stead to create a new revenue stream. Protecting your Intellectual Property and your Brand is vital when it comes to commercialising your ideas.

Pure Ideas hosted a webinar on this very topic. Follow the link below to learn more about How to Commercialise and Protect your Ideas and Innovations.

Renewing your Trade Marks

Usain Bolt applied to register a similar Trade Mark in the US 12 years ago. But this has since lapsed under US law. It is unclear why Bolt failed to file for renewal.

Trade Marks can be renewed indefinitely whilst the mark is being used and unless successfully cancelled for non-use. Trade Marks expire after 10 years (in most countries). It’s important to file for renewal and pay the renewal fees on time to continue to own and use your Trade Mark.

Renewals is a service we offer to our clients at Pure Ideas. If you would like to know more about Renewals, please follow the link below.
What to know to renew your Intellectual Property

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