Samsung vs Apple: Protect your IP from Large Brands

How do SMEs protect their IP when companies like Samsung or Apple own the monopoly? Large brands will own a lot of Intellectual Property within that same industry that you want to enter. So how can Pure Ideas help you overcome this obstacle? (Watches, IP Audit, Funding opportunities etc.)

IP Audit

An IP Audit is a review service that is carried out to investigate existing Intellectual Property assets. We use this information to give advice and guidance while identifying how we can help you optimise the value of your IP. This can give you peace of mind that your potential IP assets are properly managed.


Once you have made the investment of your money and time to secure your IP rights, you want to ensure that you get the full benefit of those rights and that third parties do not use your IP without your consent and thus infringing your rights.

We suggest that once your rights are registered that you employ a watching service. 

Trade Marks

  • Watch in classes of interest and in territories
  • Fixed yearly fee
  • Review and advise on problematic marks
  • Further advice on any potential issues



  • Monthly background and forward citation watch
  • Update on patents cited against yours worldwide
  • Update on applications that include your patent as a citation


Samsung vs Apple

The choice of brand when it comes to smartphones can be divisive.  However, the preferred brand was clear when we conducted a poll with the Pure Ideas team. Apple won by a landslide with 73%. Samsung had a modest 13%. 13% preferred other brands such as Google, Huawei, and Nokia. So, what makes Apple products so popular, and what Designs, Patents, and Trade Marks have been registered with the brand?


Registered Designs

Apple has been granted 16 Registered Designs globally, including the iPhone Wallet with MagSafe, iPhone Home Screen GUIs, and Widgets+.


Registered Trade Marks

Apple has been granted a whopping 357 Trade Marks globally including Apple®, Mac®, Mac OS®, Macbook®, Macbook Pro®, iPhone®, iPad®, iPad Air®, iPod®, iPod touch®, iTunes®, App Store®, Find My Friends®, iMessage®, QuickTime® as well as their famous logo.

Samsung’s Trade Marks include Samsung®, Samsung Galaxy®, Samsung Galaxy S3®, and Samsung Galaxy S5® as well as nine smartphones in the Galaxy A series.

To learn more about Trade Marks, listen to our podcast Episode #2 – Trade Marks to hear our Trade Mark Attorney Danni answer some of her most frequently asked questions.



Samsung Electronics holds more than 200,000 patents worldwide.

Apple has a total of 72054 patents globally. These patents belong to 24279 unique patent families. Out of 72054 patents, 55757 patents are active.

To learn more about Patents, click here.


How do SMEs protect their IP when companies like Samsung and Apple?

Most companies are built on patents, while Trade Marks are about protecting the brand’s reputation once it has been established.

Apple and Samsung are huge companies that have spent time and money protecting their Intellectual Property and building their brands. As an SME, Pure Ideas are here to help you. Book a no-obligation meeting with our team today:

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