Trade Mark Protection for Digital Healthcare

Digitalisation is sweeping the Healthcare Sector. The use and creation of Digital Healthcare has seen an increase in recent years as an answer to the pandemic and a general concern for health and wellbeing.

No matter your innovation, protecting it in a rapidly changing sector should be a priority. One of the ways businesses within the healthcare sector can achieve this is through Trade Marks.

What is Digital Healthcare?

Digital Healthcare has developed through a multitude of channels, including, smartphones, social media platforms and software. This has created a greater interaction between medical and health businesses, their end users and a wider range of innovations.

Examples of some of such innovations include the Fitbit watch and apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health and Sleep Cycle. These apps and gadgets can provide a variety of data from heart rate and temperature to oxygen levels. These make healthcare more accessible and gain market value in the sector.

During the pandemic, the NHS app in the UK assisted in tracking Covid-19 cases and the rollout of vaccinations. The healthcare sector continues to make strides towards Digitalisation as it advances digital products to end the current pandemic and prevent future ones. These include medical software, Artificial Intelligence and Telehealth.

Why are Trade Marks beneficial in Digital Healthcare?

Trade Marks are beneficial due to their value in competitive market share, marketing and customer loyalty. It is vital to utilise these to associate your innovations with your brand identity in the mind of the consumer and end-user. The increase in contact between health companies and end users also heightens the need for Trade Marks.

The registration of Trade Marks protects your Innovation from other registrars from filing a Trade Mark similar to yours. Your Trade Mark can be a barrier to entering the market by your competitors. In a rapidly changing Digital era, this is really important to ensure your innovation has longevity.

How do you obtain Trade Mark Protection?

This is where we come in. From searching, drafting and filing, to maintaining your Trade Mark. We can help you every step of the way and assist you in building your brand. We offer upfront fixed prices to protect your ideas. By tailoring our services to meet your needs, we provide you with specialist help and advice to enable you to make the most of your innovations.

Our services include:

  • Clearance searches
  • Specification Drafting
  • Oppositions
  • Global Filing Strategy Advice.

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