Aseptika Case Study

Patent renewals can be a complex aspect of intellectual property (IP) management, and if handled incorrectly, can put your IP at risk. Securing a patent marks a significant milestone for businesses and entrepreneurs. Having invested time, money, and effort into securing a patent, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to maintain those protective rights through processing yearly renewals.

Pure Ideas stives to make patent renewals simple for all clients. We pride ourselves on being able to work with a range of businesses. We offer support and advice at every stage of the patent life cycle to ensure you’re protected. This is exactly what we did for Aseptika when they first came to us in 2022 looking to renew their patents.

Aseptika’s story

Aseptika came to Pure Ideas in 2022. As an owner of a small business, Kevin felt that Pure Ideas was both responsive to his needs and understood the complexities of running his business. As a small business, patents and patent renewals can sometimes seem unnecessarily complicated and overwhelming. Aseptika needed an IP provider who could manage their patent portfolio proficiently, at a cost-effective rate with excellent client care and communication.

Our Solution

When Aseptika first engaged with Pure ideas our team took on a consultative approach offering strategic advice on where best to renew their patents. When it comes to small businesses, we understand that resources need to be carefully and strategically managed, so our team advised on what countries to continue patent renewals with and which ones to discontinue. This resulted in a reduction of unneeded patent renewal costs for the business, saving them a lot of money while still protecting their IP where it mattered most.

After assessing the position of Aseptika’s business, our team offered a renewals service which would split patent renewal costs over a period of months, rather than paying in one lump sum per annum. Having to find one large sum year-on-year can often be stressful and difficult to budget for. Paying in instalments allowed for Aseptika to flexibly budget their business costs month to month without having to compromise their patents.

After offering Aseptika advice, flexibility, and a cost-effective service that understood the needs of the business they described Pure Ideas as their “go to place to get help on all IP issues”. Aseptika felt our team assessed the business operations and finances and provided useful strategic advice to best suit their overall costs and desired patent needs, Kevin Auton, Founder and Managing Director of Aseptika said that he’s “grateful for the excellent customer service” and informed our team that he’ll be coming back to us for any further IP work.

Speaking further on his experience with Pure Ideas, Kevin says: “As a small business, striving to get innovative support, maintaining business function, growing nationally and globally, and fundraising etc. requires a lot of juggling. Pure Ideas have helped by offering excellent strategic advice. I see Pure Ideas as my patent partner, and I appreciate the jargon-free advice and support they have provided where appropriate. I also appreciate the flexibility they have shown to a small business like ours, which has been invaluable. The billing structure has been fair and flexible, with advice on which areas to focus on. Pure Ideas are unlike other companies I’ve had experiences with, where every call or letter is loaded with hidden fees.”

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