Pure Ideas 2022 Highlights

2022 has been an exciting year for Pure Ideas and our clients. We are looking forward to helping you protect and commercialise your ideas in the New Year. So get your Intellectual Property Portfolio ahead of the 2023 trends by listening to our Christmas podcast and reading our latest articles.

Here are some of Pure Ideas 2022 Highlights:

Episode #8 Christmas Special – Let’s Talk Pure Ideas Podcast 

Listen to our Christmas special episode of the Let’s Talk Pure Ideas Podcast to see the year and review and what we are looking forward to in 2023.

Where will your Company grow in 2023? What do you need to know about your Intellectual Property for 2023? Danni speaks to Hugh from our Business Development Team to understand what Pure Ideas is looking forward to in 2023 for our clients.

Our Articles on the Unitary Patent System

Our team put together considerations for Businesses and a timeline for the Unitary Patent System changes. You can find out everything you need to know in the articles above, including the benefits and drawbacks of the Unitary Patent System.

Europe map
Unitary Patents Court Agreement – Pt1


a tunnel of books and paper
Unitary Patents Court Agreement – Pt2


Two men sitting with laptops writing on a piece of paper
Unitary Patents Court Agreement – Pt3


Recent Articles

Samsung Apple IP
Samsung vs Apple: Protect your IP from Large Brands


International Rules of Trade Marks


Child Reading
Small Business: Word Window resolves a Trade Mark dispute