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Pure Ideas 2022 Highlights

Pure Ideas 2022 Highlights 2022 has been an exciting year for Pure Ideas and our clients. We are looking

Pure Ideas 2022 Highlights2023-06-08T11:57:16+01:00
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Lockdown and Innovation

Lockdown and Innovation Edison is reputed to have once said invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He was

Lockdown and Innovation2022-12-06T17:00:02+00:00
  • the definition of dictionary in a book

Broad Translation!

Broad Translation! The way added matter is treated under Article 123 of the EPC can be strict, particularly during opposition.

Broad Translation!2023-01-04T11:36:54+00:00
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IP and 3D Printing

IP and 3D Printing As the availability of low-cost high performing 3D printers is becoming more accessible to industry and

IP and 3D Printing2023-01-04T15:05:06+00:00
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