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Lockdown and Innovation

Lockdown and Innovation Edison is reputed to have once said invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He was

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  • Image of a fluid operated zipper

Fun with Patents!

Fun with Patents!   This week we have the “Fluid operated zipper” (US3517423). Apparently, the ‘problem’ is that when conventional

Fun with Patents!2023-01-04T10:11:37+00:00
  • A man skateboarding wearing yellow trousers

Get Your Skates On!

Get Your Skates On! Despite coming from a town famous for its skater, well on ice, some of us have

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  • A yellow volkswagen Beatle parked in the street

Keeping the Love!

Keeping the Love! Those of us of a certain age will remember the numerous Disney films about the fabulously fun

Keeping the Love!2023-01-04T10:43:14+00:00
  • Yellow beach umbrellas with blue beach chairs on a beach

Holiday Adventures

Holiday Adventures As we come out of our isolation, due to the pandemic, our minds or our partner’s minds turn

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  • Barber chair

Cutting Time

Cutting Time As we leave our self-imposed lockdown down to frolic like newborn lambs to returned freedoms, and their mothers

Cutting Time2023-01-04T14:30:19+00:00
  • white and black soccer ball in the corner of a green football pitch

The Beautiful Game is back!

The Beautiful Game is back! It is a well-used phrase coined many years ago for far more highbrow matters, but

The Beautiful Game is back!2023-01-04T12:52:22+00:00
  • woman in a mask holing toilet paper

On a Roll

On a Roll During the recent COVID-19 problems and lockdown worries, there was a rush for all sorts of essential

On a Roll2022-12-16T12:08:23+00:00
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