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Lockdown and Innovation

Lockdown and Innovation Edison is reputed to have once said invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. He was

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  • the definition of dictionary in a book

Broad Translation!

Broad Translation! The way added matter is treated under Article 123 of the EPC can be strict, particularly during opposition.

Broad Translation!2023-01-04T11:36:54+00:00
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Fun with Patents!

Fun with Patents!   This week we have the “Fluid operated zipper” (US3517423). Apparently, the ‘problem’ is that when conventional

Fun with Patents!2023-01-04T10:11:37+00:00
  • Typewriter with a piece of paper in it that reads Fake news

Patent Myth-Busting

Patent Myth-Busting   Myth #1 – I can get an international patent covering the world. There is no such thing

Patent Myth-Busting2023-01-04T10:25:32+00:00
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