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Caroline Reader

Professional Support Team Leader

The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Patent Paralegal Course, 23 years of experience. The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Association Paralegal Course.




How long have you been in your profession?
Since 1999.

What attracted you to the profession?
When I first started out I ended up in a legal department and I absolutely loved it. I studied law as part of my college course and again, absolutely loved it. I found it something I was actually quite good at and I’ve been doing it for 23 years now.

What are you most passionate about in your role?
I love the fact that no two days are the same and there’s always more to learn. There’s always something different.

What advice would you give people looking to protect their IP?
Be patient and don’t expect it to be a money-making venture overnight.

What does your team say about you?

“Whatever Caroline doesn’t know about IP, isn’t worth knowing. She has been in the business so long; she really knows her stuff.” 

What are your interests outside work?
I enjoy volunteering for local charities and playing with my two dogs Dexter and Storm.

Tell us a fact that none of your work colleagues knows.
I tend to be what you see is what you get. So, I tell everybody everything.

Favourite Film.
The Notebook.